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Dan is often called in to help an entire sales team or a division or department Group Dynamicswithin a company. In any of those instances, or something similar, Dan works in a group dynamic. He works with groups to promote interaction of ideas while guiding the group toward individual action. The group material includes workbooks, attitudinal and character assessments, and specific and measurable goals held accountable by a date/time.

By working together as a single entity toward a common goal, the group learns to trust one another. With trust and respect for the other members of the group, a strong base and infrastructure will be built upon which the company can build and grow to achieve the desired goals. Dan functions as a facilitator, coach, moderator, mediator, cheerleader and mentor for the group guiding it toward unity and success. By teaching skills that will be used for years to come, Dan transforms formally weak, dysfunctional groups into strong, productive,functional units that operate like a well-oiled machine.

Teamwork is imperative

Teamwork is Imperative

Group sessions are interactive and often use a break out system to enhance a point or allow the members of the group to work together for a common theme. Dan is skilled in keeping the group focused and on target; however, he keeps the structure flexible in case a beneficial topic adds to the value of the group.  As an added benefit, Dan also allows an option of having Breakout Laser coaching sessions in between the group sessions. Dan ensures each member of the group is kept current, well connected and not left behind.


Across corporate America, coaching sessions at many companies have become as routine for executives as budget forecasts and quota meetings.