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Specialty Coaching

Last Chance Sales Call –On the Plan: Last Chance before receiving the dreaded Performance Plan

Fire or Rehire

Sales: Fire and Rehire…? - Not before you give Dan the opportunity to re-train the lower 20% of your sales staff in the simple 3 step process to increase their sales numbers. A private individual attitudinal assessment completed before the one week training session begins which leads to greater understanding and performance. Dan remains available via phone for 90 days and meets one-on-one with the participants once every 30 days to keep them on track, focused, and accountable. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars and experience loss of productivity in firing and hiring new employees when Dan can help you save time and money? As a 30+ year sales executive professional Dan has motivated and molded numerous sales personnel into highly successful sales teams. Dan understands the mentality of #1 sales people.

Transition Coaching

Are you looking for a career transition? Call Dan to help navigate the often confusing, very complex, and tricky process of changing careers. When transitioning from a corporate job to another company there is stress and angst regarding the new organizational chart. Just moving from one department to another might cause tension. Leaving a private company to join a public company creates new work habits and reporting structures. A shift from an executive office to working for a small family-owned business causes a lot of changes to maneuvering both processes and in culture. When transitioning from corporate America to independent consultant there is not only a cultural shift, but a mental and attitudinal shift. Whatever career transition you are undertaking, Dan can help you with all aspects of the transition.

Start-Ups Living the Dream

How to roar as a business startup

Learn How to Roar

Got a great idea for a new business- a business that is aligned your passions and values- Dan can help you begin your journey or guide you through what you already have designed. Having started two of his own profitable businesses, and having helped numerous others launch their businesses off the ground, Dan can help you take your dream from the drawing board to reality. Dan can assist you with your business plan, identifying strategic partners and vendors, identifying your target market and how best to reach them. One of Dan’s strengths is to keep the vision alive in the mind of the owner. If you already have the basics in place but just need to fine tune the process, Dan is the one coach you will want to contact.


“Coaching takes a holistic view of the individual: work, corporate values, personal needs and career development are made to work in synergy, not against one another.”

British Journal of Administrative Management